Katie Royal Sapphire 12mm Oval Halo Engagement Ring | 6.5ct

$ 40.95

Katie Royal Sapphire Cambridge 12mm  Oval Halo Engagement Cocktail 6.5 Carat Cubic Zirconia Ring.

Katie Sapphire Halo Engagement Wedding style is created with 5.5 Carat Oval Sapphire Blue Cubic Zirconia and Round Clear CZ Trimmed, Genuine Rhodium Plated Polished into a Lustrous Silvertone Finish. This beautiful ring features an oval shaped sapphire color cubic zirconia mounted on a crown of pave clear cubic zirconia. This is the finest replica of Kate Middleton's Royal Engagement Ring you can find.

Item: BSJG-CR108145RC30
Plating Color: Silvertone Rhodiujm
Base Metal: Lead Free Alloy (Brass)
Gemstone Grade: AAAAA Cubic Zirconia
Gemstone Cut Grade: Ideal
Gemstone Color: Sapphire Blue - Clear
Total Carat Weight (appx): 6.5ct
Center Ston: 5.5ct
Stone Cut: Oval - Round
Stone Size: 12mm x 10mm, 2mm
Adornment Size: 22mm L x 17mm W
Face Height: 8mm
Band Width: 3mm
Setting Type: Prong

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