Sandra Two Row Floral Silver Headband | Swarovski Crystal

$ 69.95

Sandra Two Row FloralSwarovski Crystal Silver Headband.

This Two Rows Floral Headband is created with best quality sparkling Swarovski Crystal and Rhodium Plated. Our tone finish is heavily coated to achieve its beautiful silver color. A flexible piece that will fit perfectly with all hair design. The two rows can be worn tightly or as a wide headband, and the size can be easily adjustable for all sizes, which can be worn comfortably on a flower girl.

Item: LI-HAR179177-1
Plating: Silvertone Plated
Gemstone: Swarovski Crystal
Gemstone Color: Clear
Stone Cut: Round
Adornment Width: 45mm W (1.8in)
Adornment Length: 265mm (10.4in)

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