Haze Mixed Three Band Triplet Ring Set | 18k Gold

$ 41.95

Haze Three Ring Mixed Triplet 18k Gold, Rose Gold, Silvertone Band Set.

Triple Band with 18k Gold Plated and Rosegold Plated Triplet Ring Set in Tri-Tone -Tone, Rhodium Plated and 18k Gold Plated Finish. One of our most popular sets of all time, the Mixed Triple Ring Set is a high-trend fixture. Three bands are interwoven that will never go out of style. Its timeless design is one you'll never forget.

Item: BSJ-BR06142T00
Plating: 18k Goldtone Plated, Rose Goldtone Plated, Silvertone Rhodium Plated
Base Metal: Lead Free Alloy (Brass)
Adornment Size: 22m L x 6mm W
Face Height: 2.4mm H
Band Width: 3mm W


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