Anika 10mm Round Solitaire Engagement Ring | 4.5ct | Sterling Silver

$ 63.95

Anika 10mm 3.9ct Round Solitaire Cubic Zirconia.925 Sterling Silver 4.5ct Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is set to sparkles with a large 10mm round cubic zirconia center and embellished with smaller cubic zirconia accents entirely along its .925 sterling silver with heavy luster rhodium plated shank.

Item: BSJG-ER107218RSC01
Plating Color: Silvertone Rhodium
Base Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
Gemstone Grade: AAAAA Cubic Zirconia
Gemstone Color: Clear
Total Carat Weight: 4.5ct
Center Stone: 3.9ct
Stone Cut: Round
Stone Size: 10mm - 1.6mm
Adornment Size: 22m L x 10mm W
Face Height: 6.7mm
Band Width: 2.6mm
Setting Type: Prong


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