Addy Cushion CZ Three Stone Engagement Ring | 3.7ct | 18k Gold

$ 29.95

Addy 2.7ct Cushion CZ Three Stone 18k Gold Engagement Ring

Inspired by the upcoming royal wedding, this elegant engagement ring features a 2.7ct checkered cushion cut center stone adorned with remarkable round stones on each side. This royal princess ring is bathed in 18k gold and slightly dipped in rhodium creating the perfect timeless look.

Item: BSJ-ER108602TC01
Plating Color: 18K Gold – Silvertone Rhodium
Base Metal: Lead Free Alloy (Brass)
Gemstone: Grade AAAAA Cubic Zirconia
Gemstone Cut Grade: Ideal
Gemstone Color: Clear
Total Carat Weight (appx): 3.7ct
Center Stone: 2.7ct
Stone Cut: Cushion - Round
Stone Size: 9mm x 9mm - 5mm
Adornment Size: 18mm L x 9mm W
Face Height: 6.5mm
Band Width: 1.5mm
Setting Type: Prong


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